Welcome to the new and improved Switch On website!

Published: 24 September 2014

Switch On has been refreshed to make it easier for Victorians to get the information they need to take charge of their power bills.

The website - an independent source of information, tips and tools to keep you informed about Victoria's energy system - now includes simpler content, more images and easier navigation.

Key tools, including My Power Planner, the Energy Calculator and the Appliance Calculator, are still the focus of the site, but we've also included more information around the following topics:

Get the best deal:

  • Compare offers with My Power Planner
  • Why bother to switch
  • Switching retailers or plans - the process
  • Concessions and rebates

More ways to save:

  • Top 10 ways to save power
  • Flexible pricing profiler
  • Energy Saver Incentive
  • Saving with solar

Electricity users like you:

  • Singles and couples
  • Families
  • Seniors
  • Low income
  • Rural and remote
  • Small business
  • Information in other languages

Bills, pricing and meters:

  • How the electricity system works
  • Electricity bills explained
  • Electricity bill shock
  • Smart meters and how they work
  • Smart meters, web portals and in-home displays
  • Flexible pricing
  • Community education programs
  • Energy retail companies - contact list
  • Complaints, safety and outages


  • Latest news stories
  • Switch On Twitter feed

If you have any feedback on the updated website, please contact us via social media or email.

Facebook: Switch On

Twitter: @switchonvic

Email: customer.service@dsdbi.vic.gov.au